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Tribute To A Friend

BOB'S ALL-NEW Tribute Album to his lifelong hero and mentor featuring two brand new compositions as Bob ENVISIONS HOW JIMI WOULD SOUND TODAY! 

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album ~ This project serves as a tribute and shows homage for Jimi's gift and legacy to the world of music. The video also pays homage to Bob Wolfman's personal friendship with Jimi when he was 15 years old and how Jimi Hendrix inspired him to be a professional guitarist. 

                                      ***ALL STAR LINEUP***

Executive  producer - Bob Wolfman - Guitar/Vocals

Bob Wolfman - Guitar/Vocals

Producer - Jon Butcher

Jon Butcher - "Backwards Guitar Tracks"/ Background Vocals/Bass 

Sonny Landreth - Guitar

Marc Egan - Bass

Bruce Mattson - Piano, Hammond B-3 organ

Ronnie Belben - Bass

Barry Lit - Drums/Percussion

Wolf Ginandes - Bass

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