Bob Wolfman Tribute to a Friend (Album Reviews)

  Bob Wolfman presents 'Tribute to a Friend' on March 27 in honor of Jimi Hendrix  

Barrett Hodgson  

Bob Wolfman met Jimi Hendrix when he was 15 in a music shop, where they bonded over a passion for music. From there on, Hendrix inspired
Wolfman to pursue a career in music.

“The impact Jimi had on me when I met him was instant. I was a 15-year-old kid and he took the time to acknowledge me and talk to me, which led to him taking us out to a steakhouse dinner,” said Wolfman. “That is when I knew what kind of person Jimi was and between that and his musical talent, he really inspired me to pursue my music career.” 

 Wolfman, an artist and musician, will present his album "Tribute to a Friend" at 5 p.m., on March 27 at The Breakaway, 222 Newbury St., Danvers. The album is a tribute album to Hendrix, who became a personal friend.   

This album was delayed due to COVID and Wolfman will finally be able to perform it for a crowd of roughly 300 people. The passion and excitement when it comes to performing "Tribute to a Friend" is extremely clear when talking to Wolfman.   

“I have wanted to do this album for so long and when I finally decided to honor Jimi’s legacy, COVID struck and set us back even more,” said Wolfman. “ I’m just so happy and honored to have this opportunity coming up where I can share this work with all ages.”   

He has not been able to perform live in over two years due to COVID and is looking to have a sold out venue for this presentation. This has made a lot of people close to Wolfman also extremely excited as they personally know what this album means to him.   

Luke Rush, a student at UMass Lowell, has worked side by side with Wolfman and has become a close friend. Rush said he is looking forward to seeing him back on stage.    

“Bob is a great performer and his band is world class so it is going to be so amazing to see them back performing live,” said Rush. “I know how important this piece is to Bob as Jimi inspired him to really move forward in his music career so to see this performance in which he will be thanking and appreciating Jimi will be special.”   

Josh Nathan, 55,  is a music student and close friend of Wolfman who is highly anticipating this upcoming performance. Nathan started learning from Wolfman about three years ago at his business, Wolfman’s School of Music in Middleton.    

“Bob is really a class act and a special talent. He has taught me a lot and has an eye for musical talent as he even encouraged my 19-year-old daughter to make an album when he heard her sing,” said Nathan. “My family is even coming home early from a vacation to see this show.”    

Between the musical talent and the impact Wolfman has made on his peers, people want to hear and attend this event that means so much to him.    

“Yes, this album and presentation is to honor a friend, but it is also a thank you to the person who really encouraged me to get into music” said Wolfman.    

Not only is the performance to honor Hendrix, but it is also to educate the younger generations about his lesser known music and what kind of impact he had on people, including Wolfman.    

“The songs chosen are not Jimi’s most known pieces, but they are classics," Wolfman said. "I did this on purpose because I want some of the younger people at the show who may not know all of his work to hear and appreciate it."     

Wolfman is thrilled to have the opportunity to just thank and appreciate what Hendrix meant to him with this album and presentation.     

“It is going to be a very special night in my career and I want as many people as possible to see this tribute to one of my good friends and one the most talented musical artists ever,” said Wolfman.      

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by calling 978-774-7270 or visiting Bob Wolfman - Breakaway (     

Barrett Hodgson is a journalism student at Endicott College.

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