Online Guitar Lessons

For over 30 years, Bob Wolfman has offered live private guitar lessons for Intermediate, Advanced and Professional Musicians and over the last 10 years he has expanded his teachings through the world using Skype (FREE online video communication service).

Lessons are an hour long and you’ll get the benefits of Bob’s thirty years experience, his sincere dedication to his craft as one of the most respected musicians on the East Coast, and one of the most trusted educators in New England.  He is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most in demand guitarists… Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

SKYPE Lessons are $65.00 per hour.

To begin, all you need to do is create a Skype account, then click on the “Buy A Lesson” button here to purchase your lesson via Paypal. Once your payment has been received, Bob’s staff will contact you by E-mail to arrange a time for your lesson.

System Requirements:
-Skype account
-Mac or Windows computer
-Microphone and Video Cam
-Speakers or headphones
-High-speed Internet access (DSL or cable)

One Hour Guitar Lesson
For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced players

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Includes the following:

Initial Assessment by Bob
Your first lesson will consist of you a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses; playing technique, musical knowledge, skills, abilities in all aspects.  Of course you are encouraged to express what you think you need and want in any specific area of your playing that you’d like to improve.  Bob will then listen and watch you play and give you his assessment of what  you need to work on to improve.
***IMPORTANT NOTE ~ Bob specializes in teaching beginners as well as advanced and professional players.  His beginner students feel very safe and comfortable with Bob due to his warmth, humor, patience and encouragement.  His approach is very step by step and simplified.

Lessons tailored for your playing needs
Lessons with Bob are always custom tailored to the individual student, he never uses a “Rubber stamp” or “cookie “cutter” approach. There will be  written materials, methods or exercises prepared in advance, or on the spot.  Written materials such as text files, graphic images, video clips, etc.  are transmitted to you during the lesson via SKYPE’s file send capability.  Bob will create specific lessons for each student individually as they progress.

Aspects of playing covered will include: Essential Basics of Music Theory, Proper Playing Techniques, Time, Tone, Comping, Soloing, Reading, Record Copy/Transcribing, Ear Training and Composition.  Aspects covered will be determined by the needs and goals of the student.